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About VANTA Partners 

We started Vanta Partners with the goal of creating a unique experience that not only finds the best skillset match, but that methodically evaluates company culture and mission to find candidates that are naturally aligned. We apply process to tease out important characteristics of your company and team, and then mirror those processes in recommending prospective team members who can also add diversity and new perspectives.

Our Mission

At VANTA Partners, our biggest goal is to help companies grow by connecting them with new team members who embody that company’s intellectual, cultural, and emotional DNA.


The VANTA Vision is simple. Keep it about timing and fit. Many recruiters and agencies can overcomplicate the process. If either of those key pieces, timing and fit, are off then it will more than likely not work out for the long run.

Meet The Team


Dean Iacovetti

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President / Founder

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Ryan Burke

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Senior Recruiting Manager

kai headshot.jpeg

Kai Brumaghim

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Senior Recruiter


Mia Jeffreys

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Recruiting Manager

becca headshot.jpeg

Becca Iacovetti

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Accounting Manager

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Vishal Tenguria

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Sourcing Specialist


Cheryl Rasmussen

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Business Development

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