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The best team members aren't just those that fit the skillset you need, but those that fit the future that you want to build at your company. At Vanta Partners, we're not your typical recruiting agency. We help tech companies like yours grow and succeed by connecting you with new team members that embody the intellectual, cultural, and emotional DNA at the core of your strategy.


    Our Approach  

When building teams at a tech company, one of the most important decisions you 'll make isn't just whether someone can do the work you ask of them, but whether they're a fit for your culture and current team, and whether they represent the type of evolution you'd like to see on your team.  At Vanta, we connect you with new team members that embody the intellectual, cultural, and emotional DNA of your organization. Vanta methodically evaluates company culture and mission to find candidates that are naturally aligned with your goals. We apply process to tease out important characteristics of your company and team, and then mirror those processes in recommending prospective team members.


Business Meeting


HR Advisory


With SHRM certified talent and company formation talent on staff, Vanta provides HR advisory services to help review and fine-tune your HR strategy and model



Vanta has expertise in identifying top talent and helping you attract them to fill your most challenging roles

Culture Advisory


Whether you're purposeful about setting cultural tone or a culture has emerged overtime, Vanta can consult on shaping a world class culture

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"Working with Vanta is a breath of fresh air. They're true professionals that care about servicing their clients; efficient, and thorough with results!."

Nicole Holland,
Head of People & Culture


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